Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Interesting Review of Covert Incest

Libby Anne writes about covert incest in an insightful, three part review series about the topic at Love, Joy, Feminism which is hosted at

Part One concerns the definition of terms.

Part Two discusses how the patriarchy movement markets this dynamic of a dysfunctional family as a "Biblical model" of what God demands of parents who are raising young women.  She specifically notes the Botkin Family as an example of this aberrant belief system.

Part Three notes another author's measures to avoid falling into the traps of enmenshment with his daughter, and Libby notes how any family can fall into these patterns, not just those involved with the patriarchy movement within some sectors of Evangelical Christianity.

Update 05Apr12:

There's apparently more than three parts, since Part Four appeared.  :)   Keep following there in the event that there are some additional installments.