Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Hopeful Message for those Affected by Health Problems Associated with Stress and Childhood Emotional or Physical Abuse

An excerpt from the Afterword
"The Body's Silent Weeping"
by Cindy Kunsman
in Hillary McFarland's

(Note: This copy of my pre-edited text
which was not previewed by the editor of the book
may differ from the published version.)

~~ I encourage all to read the book which contains many more recommendations and additional information about specific ways to heal, but I wanted to send an additional message of hope to follow up after the previous post. ~~

There are many options available to bring healing after loss.  I would like to encourage you to remind yourself that emotional healing is different from physical healing.  Emotions heal in layers, and you will often find yourself “backtracking” to what seems like lessons you learned before, as though you are failing to make progress.  Think of emotional healing like peeling an onion.  As the onion grew, the framework of every layer drew water and nourishment from the same source, putting some of those nutrients into each layer as it grew.  
 As you progress into deeper levels of healing, each layer will greet you with reminders of the old paths of pain that shaped your past.  When you peel each new layer, your eyes will burn and tear with the grief over the disappointments and loss concerning that past.  This is normal and healthy, and it is not something to be feared.  That is just how emotional healing takes place.  There will always be a few tears of grief as you mature, getting down into the deeper places when deep calls unto deep.  This is a good sign of positive growth, something that should encourage you with hope.