Saturday, August 7, 2010

Who's Pulling Your Strings: A Must Read Book!

A bit about Dr. Harriet Braiker's fine book, "Who's Pulling Your Strings:  How to Break the Cycle of Manipulation and Regain Control of Your Life."

What I love about this book:
It condenses and encapsulates the best and most practical aspects of many books about communication and self-confidence, all without having to read 7 - 10 books on separate topics related to manipulation.  If you find a particular aspect of manipulation comes up for you as you work through the book, it can be a great guide to point you in the direction for further study.  But if you're in a place in life and you need just the short version, it's a great book.

Braiker presents lists of questions related to particular traits and weak points that easily manipulated people tend to demonstrate.  In Chapter 13 entitled "How to Make Yourself a Hardened Target" (echoing details and groundwork presented in previous chapters in the book), the author lists several questions and several solutions to weak thinking that sets a person up for failure and manipulation.  Two sections in this chapter explore in greater depth the problems associated with Locus of Control, a topic recently explored here on this blog.

Read several excerpts from the book (in the form of several blog posts) HERE at

How to get the book:

I cannot recommend this book highly enough, and though it is worth buying (mine is delightfully covered with my own notes and highlights), you can now download it for free!  The download seems to be designed for a particular e-book software, but I was able to read the book in Adobe without any problems.

Order it from

Enjoy, and I hope the book changes your life in the best of ways.