Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Abusive Father's Loss

A Christian perspective on forgiveness ~
From Dr. Stoop’s
“Making Peace with your Father”

Page 175:

Additional Losses from the Abusive Father:

1. The child is pushed back toward the mother, even more than with the absent father. As a young adult, the abused person may feel unable to leave home.

2. The child develops a fearful posture toward all of life.

3. The cycle of abuse is onften carried over into the next generation.

4. Common symptoms include academic problems, dropping out of school, running away, suicide.

5. As an adult, the abused person often becomes hypervigilant, consumed with anxiety about real or imagined danger.

6. The abused person is typically fearful of anger, both in himself and others.

7. In adult life, the abused person is commonly subject to bouts of serious depression.