Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Botkins on What it Means to Be a Helpmeet

Note: After receiving criticism on the topic, the Botkin daughters reportedly removed the word "helpmeet" from their blog with no notation or other explanation regarding the revision. "Spunky" (aka Karen Braun) discussed this online. The quote noted below mentions this as well.

From "What Exactly is a Helpmeet"
by Anne on the Whitewashed Feminists site:

.....My husband may have a dream or a vision for our family. And certainly I am helping him to further that dream or vision. That may even be part of what it means for me to be his helper. But I hardly think that’s all of it. If being a helper or helpmeet is all wrapped up in helping someone achieve their goals or vision, than why did the Botkin girls change their stance on that and remove the word from their writings? I mean, if that’s what it is, then they are in fact, teaching girls to be helpmeet’s for their fathers.

I’ve seen it written many places that one of the reasons that women shouldn’t be working outside the home is because it makes them helpmeets to other men. I find that really interesting. If being a helpmeet to your husband can be compared to being an employee, then it would seem that the militant feminists may be right about something. Some of the more militant feminists argue that marriage is a form of institutionalized prostitution. I have never agreed with that in the slightest. But, if being a man’s helpmeet means being his employee, doing his will, and being open for sex in exchange for food, lodging and protection, maybe it is! What a horrible view of marriage!......

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