Saturday, July 12, 2008

Children Are Not Miniature Adults: More Signs of Covert Incest

These characteristics were taken from a longer list of many of the different characteristics of covert incest. The original list contains several other characteristics that involve examples of inappropriate sexual behavior because the two different types of the lack of appropriate boundaries so often overlap. Though I believe that Botkin Syndrome paves the way to inappropriate sexual behavior between parents and children, I eliminated the more overt references from the list displayed on the "Dysfunktional Card Company" website:

  • Intrusive interest in child's sexual development (i.e. menstruation) [Remember Gothard's advice to fathers to keep track of their daughters' menstrual cycles?]
  • Inappropriate sexual interest in child's clothing (i.e. fit, style)
  • Repeated explicit quizzing about child's sexual curiosity and interest
  • Direct and intentional scrutiny of the body (clothed, or when bathing or dressing)
  • Use of child as a peer for adult emotional expression, as a confidant/counselor regarding personal (adult) needs and problems; as an exclusive, special, intimate companion
While the child may feel discomfort, confusion or embarrassment in most of these circumstances, he/she will not understand or know how to deal with them. A child's emotional reaction to covert incest and sexual abuse situations is typically to hide it, keep it inside. The information cannot be processed. Children are not miniature adults. It is the responsibility of the adult to interrupt these behaviors for the welfare of the minor child.