Monday, July 7, 2008

A Child Should Never Be Any Type of Partner for an Adult

From “The Emotional Incest Syndrome” by Patricia Love with Jo Robinson.. Exploring the dynamics of covert (emotional or non-sexual but gender-related) incest.

From page 17:

This is the sad truth about emotional incest. The only relationship that can come close to satisfying an adult is a loving, intimate relationship with another adult. A child lacks the wisdom, the experience and the skills to be an adequate partner.

And it goes without saying that a child must never be a parent's sexual partner. While a child may appear to be an adequate companion for an adult, there is always something missing, and tragically, the child bears the brunt of the parent's frustration.

Excerpt from
Dr. Patricia Love's
The Emotional Incest Syndrome:
What to Do When a Parent's Love Rule's Your Life
Bantam Books, 1990